Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best Laid Plans ....

This is my life lately.  I would say that it is just crazy -- but I actually think it is just 'life' and in the middle of the craziness I find that I am the most happy.  Funny how that is!  I had a blog post in my head today... and I totally lost it!  (Not my head silly--the blog post).  In fact I think I thought I wrote it because when I peeked at the blog just now and saw that it was showing the wedding post (aren't they just gorgeous?!) I realized that I never did post today after all.  Well until now... and now I am just rambling.

Confession--it took me almost a week after last Wednesday's post about lemons and lemonade and all that--the one that said I was off to make lemon-curd?  Well I finally made it.... 3 days later!  Yikes!  Then I had TEN egg whites left and had to make something with them--not being big on family sized white-omelets--I instead made meringues....

And they were divine!  Especially when filled with the lemon curd--which is like lemon meringue pie--sans the crust--and truthfully who needs crust anyway?!  And after having one of those typical "Mondays"... last evening I ate about 35 of them... and went to bed with a serious tummy-ache!

I will post the recipe on my food blog--a toute de suite--but be warned---completely addictive!

Needless to say, because of the wedding there was no brocante this past weekend.  I was going to post about a different kind of 'find'-- things found that I am absolutely crazy about!

Starting with two weeks ago when French guy found two white-chippy tall shutters for me, and then the next day came home with a set of giant French doors--with the old hardware and glass in tact!  All found in an area where a few old houses are being renovated...Then our neighbor brought over an old barn door--also chippy-white and all of these architectural salvage things are going to become the 'walls' of my photo studio which we are setting up in a corner of our warehouse.

We must be on a roll---because this afternoon---on unlimited trash pick-up which happens only once or twice a year--two more scores!

A green painted iron 'étagère' for garden pots (but it is now sitting in my dining room holding stacks of vintage American and French copies of 'Architectural Digest'.....2 boxes-full were given to me by a client-friend who is moving from France!)

And here is something that I think you would have to be crazy to put on the roadside as trash---a 19th century farm 'brouette' or 'wheel barrow'-- and yes it needs some TLC--but for now it will live happily in my garden!

But now I have to run!  I have a huge amount of things left on the list to get done today--and it is already 9PM!  But sheeesh!  What a day!  Tuesday is gone and I have yet to plan my week!  

Lesson for the day--the best laid plans--can always go better--or at least busier!

A bientot mes amis-- I will be back soon!  

Hope your week is off to a great start too!