Friday, September 21, 2012

Bon Friday!

I had planned on posting another 'French Verb Friday' submission today but I have been waylaid in my plans for yesterday and today due to one-----going on two, sick kiddos.  Middle Garcon came home from school at lunch yesterday sick and the afternoon's plans quickly dissolved away!  It just wouldn't be the proper start to the new school year without the first snotty-cold now would it?!  And today 'Petite Fille' is quite cranky, so I hate to say it... but.... I have a feeling that this cold is being shared within our family.  

So hence I am a bit cranky too and will postpone the post and just bid you a fond 'bon weekend' instead and catch up with you on Sunday or Monday-- unless by some miracle the sky opens up and angels descend to take my place as Mommy for the rest of the day and into tomorrow to nurse and take care of 'les enfants'.... so I can squeeze in some quality blogging and editing and posting time.... but alas... I believe in miracles, generally... but not this time.

And now I am rambling.  I am stressed.  My throat tickles.  Is that a headache I feel? Noooooo!  I have to be well this weekend because I have a very special visit from a far-away AMERICAN friend on Sunday!  Yes!  All the way over here in France--a cher-amie, Kim (from La Belle Epoque Home) is coming to visit on Sunday to tour around my little hometown, have lunch, hit a market or brocante or two....and I wouldn't miss it for the WORLD!  

AND......I would be remiss not the mention that the fabulous Second Shout Out officially launched or 'Grand Opened' on Wednesday!  (and had record sales--congrats to them!!!)  You can see my storefront over there--a work in progress--I am adding new pieces as much as I can--but I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful marketplace and have a few great blog posts dedicated to SSO coming up next week!

Okay--that's it then---off to take several packets of Emergen-C!  

Stay well mes amis!  I will see you again soon!