Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brocanting in Fall

Did you notice the change in the air a few weeks ago?  Although we are still officially in the "end of summer" for a few more weeks (as much as some of us are in denial --- Oui--moi!)  A few weekends ago I opened the shutters of our bedroom and was greeted by a distinctive fresh change of season 'chill'.

'Les Parisiens' arrive in Normandy just for the weekends now, not for the week, donning sweaters tied stylishly on their shoulders and tourists wear layers of cardigans and rain jackets -- just in case there is a sudden change of weather--and there usually is!

There is still a pretty full schedule of weekend brocantes.  In fact, instead of just petering out--they seem to end the season in a bang.  The last few weekends have been packed and despite the sudden change or pending change of season--the weekend flea markets are full of vendors and well attended.

Every third Sunday there is a brocante in my favorite local town of Honfleur.  On a recent Sunday we went over just around lunch time when the crowds temporarily thin for a few hours while most people go home for lunch followed by a 'petite-sieste' (if they are lucky!)


Plenty of 'goods' and I find that I gravitate towards baskets, kitchenware and pottery... with thoughts of harvest tables and holiday decor just around the corner.

We will surely know that summer is gone for good and fall is upon us when they pack up the carousel.  Until then Honfleur remains a-buzz with weekend visitors and crowded markets and of course in any season, a favorite place to visit.

A bientot mes amis!