Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunday visit with friends, Normandy style!

Lord have mercy!  I mean that!  I am just miserable mes amis!  I have to say--I have been down with the lovely shared snottiness of 'les enfants' and even at this moment my head is pounding,  my eyes are tearing and my nose is running (sorry for the details!)  I have not posted since last Friday--almost a week ago---Ooh la vache!

Not for lack of wonderful things to post about, I promise you--and I will!  But along with the heady-sinus thing I have also been having some 'interesting' days and moments in the past few weeks (and sadly, not all good) that have kept my mind elsewhere.  There have been a lot of talks with the 'BIG-Guy' up there and a few moments just concentrating on the next breath....  so there it is.  Such is life--times like this do come and go, and focus on what is important does return as the result.

 .... and today-- I want to focus on the joy of friendship--hugely important, non?  Way up there on the top of the list!  Remember in my last post (yes--it was a while ago so maybe you should go back and take a peek to refresh!)  I mentioned that mon amie, Kim was coming for a visit.  I have to confess that prior to last weekends visit, I knew Kim only as a very lovely lady who shopped at Sunday Brocantes and who is an interior designer in Kentucky.  We had several chatty exchanges and shared blog posts and thanks to the closeness allowed by Internet---we became friends.  So when she mentioned she was coming to Paris in September-- I was excited! I didn't count on plans to meet-up to work out--but I certainly hoped we might!

We live a two hour train ride outside of Paris so not exactly convenient to the city of lights--but do-able for a day trip if you are game!  And Kim and her sweet 'mari' Tim--were!  

In fact--I think she could be a travel consultant or tour guide in her next life because you would not believe all that she squeezed in (aside from the day trip to Normandy!) on their short trip!  I am pretty sure they did not miss ONE landmark, venue, market.....oh, except maybe for Napoleon's tomb--because that is what they missed out on by coming to visit me!

I won't tell too much about the visit--I would rather show pictures!  Kim, I am sure, will do a blog post on it and I will share the link--so you can dream about the ultimate trip to France as well!

The plan for the day; markets, brocantes, a stroll around chic-Deauville, lunch, more walking, antique shops .....

We walked them all over our 'neighborhood'!  And did you notice not one....not ONE...picture of me and Kim?  Oh, the curse of the photographer!  She has promised to email one to me thank goodness!  As soon as she gets her bearings back and things settle and the jet-lag cools off I am sure!  (And has time to go through her 1000's of pictures that SHE took during her trip to France!)

More soon mes amis!  I am off to brew a strong cup of tea--and maybe sneak in a little nap!
Hope you had a great week so far!

A bientot!