Saturday, October 27, 2012


When we were in Paris we ran all over the city, just for fun and because we could,
 but also in search of this ....

Which was found here ...

And I thought it was perfect that it was on a quiet side street that had a little artsy flare, a little vintage appeal and slightly chippy and worn too...  all of this was just right for me... and turning 45.

I have been looking forward to this birthday for a while.  I love 45 already.  I mean seriously--what is not to love? To kick off my 45th year in Paris and to have my parents in town could not have been a better start to it.  

The actual day of my birthday was spent in Rouen with Mom and Dad, French Guy and Petite Fille...having a great lunch and exploring the city.

The year between 44 and 45 was interesting.  Celebrating 44 with a new baby on one hand and a teen on the other and a very precocious kiddo in the middle--somehow had a magical way of keeping me young (now don't laugh!)... and focused--if you can believe that! 

Focus on our family which eluded  me for too long finally fell into place and a strange sense of balance in the middle of the chaos made an unexpected appearance midway through the year.  But one thing that I have decided is that as much as I have loved the explosion of creativity and juggle of  the exciting new projects, this next year ... starting now, something has got to give. 

(But more on that below!)

 I also came to terms with the whole 'aging' part of the equation.  I am comfortable in my skin, wrinkles and all.  I am fine with my body and image and I think pretty much give or take a kilo or two--will be what it is and I am okay with it. (Even though in the French/European size equivalents I appear to be HUGE!--in the states I was an 8-10 and here I am a 40-42!) As far as dressing  I have found my 'style' again--I have to say that moving to France temporarily derailed my personal sense of 'me' (let's face it--I arrived in maternity wear when we moved!) but I am so less likely to pick up a fashion magazine to tell me what I should or should not wear for the first time in my life and maybe it's hormones or aging or whatever, but since growing out my hair I now have masses of curls instead of frizz for the first time ever!---so if aging has anything to do with that---bring it on! 

Now back to the cutting back thing.  There are hundreds (make that thousands!) of things I would love to be doing and working on.  Creatively and professionally there are not enough hours in the day!  But more importantly than that--there are things happening in our family that need immediate attention, and with that there are things I want to work on personally.... I would like to be a better friend I have to do some work on the 'inside' and I am over of blaming time constraints on that.  I also made a promise to myself that I would launch a personal project that got waylaid several years ago and come hell or high-water (which seems quite possible at times!) I will do it.  NOW.

There are so many things that push and pull us each day ---  I used to feel that I should send out a personal apology to those that follow me on Pinterest...... 

Dear (insert your name),
Thank you so much for liking my style and taste as reflected in the things I "pin" but please do not expect too much action as I find that there are so many more things I would rather be doing today/this week/this month and perhaps you would like to reconsider your 'follow'?"

As cool as it might be--I must be a Pinterest flunkie-- and honestly--I just can't sort out Twitter--I know. Yes.  Loser.  But oh well..... I used to aspire to keep up with all of it--but not anymore.

So two things (for now!) mes amis-- I am taking a 'hiatus' from writing on my personal blog 'Fil de la Vie' and taking a break from food blogging on 365 French Days.  So if you are following there--I am grateful for your support and perhaps it will be a relief for you to have one less thing as well!

You can still find me here---mais bien sur! There are other changes coming--but that is the beginning. I will be strategically and authentically be saying 'no' more often and letting myself off the hook.  I will not be trapped by comparing my life and accomplishments with those of others knowing that my energy and time is better placed on the ones I love and the things that I love to do-- things I love just because I do. 

All this to say ... I think {45} will be the best year yet.

 Why not---just look how it has started!
Thanks for sticking with me!  The best is yet to come!

À bientôt!