Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting [Halloween] Crafty with Mom

 Halloween is just not a huge deal in France.... comparatively speaking anyway.  The French like Halloween and there are a few places that you can find Halloween decor, but for the most part, at least in Normandy a true pumpkin is hard to find and don't even dream of visiting a pumpkin farm here.  (The glorious pumpkin patches of the PNW are a thing of the past for us!) There has been a little parade which is cute in Trouville but in no way similar to the events and festivities in the US.

Yes, I tried to grow pumpkins in my little potager and a cher-amie even sent organic seeds from home-- and to be honest mes amis-- BIG fail.  I am a terrible pumpkin farmer apparently.  Four times I got as far as cute gum-ball sized baby pumpkins and no matter what I did' left it alone or carefully pollinated it with a male bloom... nothing.  The poor little thing just turned yellow and I finally gave in and bought one single very expensive small pumpkin at the local garden center--which I am sure was the only place within a 500 mile radius to have them.  

So with Mom here, we had to get little crafty and make decorations and she brought the supplies! And next week we will be the most popular family on our street because we will be the only ones throwing a little party!

French Guy looks at us strangely for indulging in such frivolity and I can't say that my in-laws were completely charmed by it when the came for Sunday lunch yesterday.... but we had fun, the children like it--and so does the 'Great Pumpkin'.... when he comes ..... if he can find us... with his GPS--here in France.

Happy Halloween {decorating} mes amis!

À bientôt!