Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh "Marchtober" !

My parents arrived on Friday--they normally come visit in October.  Les enfants have a school break for two weeks which usually hits towards the end of the month and I also have a birthday this month (next week and it is a BIG one!) so their timing coincides with that .... except....this time I got the school 'vacances' incorrect and they actually depart the day before the boys are off from school!  For the first time in years (at least the last 2!) they bumped the vacation by a week--so somehow I misled my parents to booking their trip at the wrong time--so now it looks like we will be allowing les garcons a little 'hooky' time out of school so that we can do a day-trip or two.

We have already hit a few great places, parks, and markets with my folks--despite the rain and the wind (and the hail!)  French Guy has pointed out that we are having more like 'March' stormy weather than glorious crisp and sunny October and hence I have re-named this month "Marchtober"....

But nonetheless--we will not be prevented from going to all of our favorite places!  
Like the Sunday Market ...


I love the shift of the seasons and seeing what shows up there ....

And of course a cloudy day--or any kind of day is perfect for an afternoon walk in Honfleur!

I think we will manage just fine--rain or shine!

In fact--at this very moment my stomach is full of butterflies of anticipation because tomorrow French Guy and I head to PARIS for two days ---- SANS ENFANTS!  Can you believe it?!?  We are going away to have time together while the grandparents hold down the fort and keep the children safe, fed and entertained (and off to school on time too!).....  and as crazy as it might be--I have never been to Paris without children in tow!  --Seriously!  So we are going to celebrate that big birthday I mentioned earlier!--and to hang out with some famous French celebrities at an intimate soiree on Tuesday night.... I kid you not.  I am so excited!

Well mes amis--off to finish this Monday, write out notes for the 'sitters', make sure the fridge is stocked and snacks are ready, pull out my high heels and find that cocktail dress in the back of the closet.... (and the raincoat, scarf and umbrella!)

....  and charge the camera batteries, mais bien sur!  

Paris here I come!!!!

À bientôt!

xx Cat