Friday, October 19, 2012

Planless in {Paris} !

Yes!  I know I live in France and Paris should be so, well..... normal. But when I arrive in Paris -- I am giddy at the first glance of La Tour Eiffel!

Imagine the view from these apartments!
Our little getaway to the city of lights was courtesy of my parents sacrificing a day and a half of their time with us to watch 'les enfants'...  the two 'garcons' and Petite Fille; 13, 8 and 21 months..... (which is quite an undertaking.)  But the breather that it gave us....priceless!  It was our first time staying over in Paris (when not passing through to go to the airport and catch a flight out) and our first time without the three-darlings and I have to be honest, because of all of the things aforementioned..... our first time in Paris ---without a plan!  Just a reservation at a hotel in the 14th arrondissement .... an invitation to a 'cocktail' to celebrate a book launch of a close friend ... a tentative lunch date with another ...... and other than that?

 ... Only the Paris streets under our feet.

Now don't gasp in disbelief --- the Paris Flea Market was not in our plans!  Now hold on, hold on!---it is CLOSED on Monday-Thursday, and maybe better this way--we have been there before and it would have felt a little like a work day--scouring the stands and shops and networking, etc.....

So there you have it!  Planless-ness is a pretty great state of being when you have a normally pretty packed life with long to-do lists, commitments, and responsibilities.... and being plan-less in Paris?


So what did we do?  What else?  We wandered around, went to 'Berkley Books' an American bookstore where I loaded up on books in English! We ate yummy food whenever we wanted... sushi for dinner at 10 pm for example ..... we slept in!..... Wow!  I took 100's of pictures ...... and all in all just soaked up as much Paris as possible in just over 24 hours!  (And got a bit soaked--yes it was raining!)

The hotel was fabulous!  Fun decor, great service, fair price!

Our windows opened out to the busy Paris streets!

This is the breakfast room, cozy, casually-chic.

And yes, I still have my WA state plates on my car.... you can't even imagine the looks we get in Paris!

Window 'drooling' over gorgeous towers of macarons!

The simple cafe where we ate; classic home cooking in Paris!

I think this gargoyle was watching us!

Paris in October!  (or anytime!)  I think I am in love!

Do I look content? ... an amazing Paris getaway! 

 To sum it up-- 5 things I learned about Paris:

1. Even in the rain, Paris is fabulous.
2. 24 hours away (in Paris) from my children makes me feel like a new woman.
3. Even when you live in France, you are still a complete tourist in Paris!
4. There are more chocolate shops in Paris than shoe stores.
5. Before driving/riding in a car in Paris it is best to have your Valium prescription updated and refilled, and if another driver passes too close and whacks your mirror, do not expect them to stop or even acknowledge you......

C'est tout for now mes amis!  

Have a fabulous Friday and a Bon Weekend!

More soon .......