Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Plus et ... pourquoi pas?

After so many revelations and proclamations on my 45th birthday --- I have slowly managed to launch into those efforts.  And just like New Year's resolutions--I am still riding the upbeat wave of 
 motivation---but finding out it will take more time and super-woman determination and focus to make things happen like I would want.... mais bien sur.  It is always like that! Non?

In the meantime--a few baby steps.  I have posted a 'hiatus' status on my blog 'Fil de la Vie'..... and I have faced up to one or two 'adieu's of things that just had to go.  I have also put a few things in perspective that were bothering me and have also decided where to continue-on with added vigor.

Just so you know---it's not all peachy.  Remember that statement about being happy about the aging thing and my appearance and all that?   Well you might be amused to know that I woke up a day later with a huge angry ZIT on my cheek (and I never had acne as a teen!) I realized that my knees ached when I bent down to fill the dryer the other day, and as much as I am in denial about it--I am constantly over-heating these days--to the point if you popped over to the house unexpected you might catch me vacuuming in my bra!  All of these little signs of being 'older' have ironically made an appearance since I made those 'I am good with it' statements challenging me on the making peace with being well over 40 now stuff....... Le sigh...... So I remind myself that to handle all of these things with grace is the only hope I have to retaining my 45 years young mentality!

So....On to more important things---goals? Aspirations? 

I have decided to go for full-out citizenship in France rather than just permanent residency.  This might seem trivial --but if you were following on my other blog--you would know that I have found on more than one occasion that France has not been all that eager to embrace me with open-arms.  You might think that being married to the French guy for 17 years and having three French children, the most recent being born on French soil (well not soil--in the hospital--but you understand!) would make me an citoyen français instantanée!  Mais non!  There is lots more to it than that and I have been in process just to get my temporary 3 year residency for the past TWO years!  In.....process......

But at the end of it all---I believe after all of this effort I will be only one or two forms away from citizenship--and why not go for the entire thing--- don't you think?  Seeing as currently I am the only non-citizen in the family and we are not leaving France anytime soon.

Next---- the novel.  It is high time to write that second book.  On my birthday I committed to get going on it--even if I only write a few sentences or words each day.  And the strangest thing---when I was saving my first effort about 4 pages of introduction material--as I went to 'save' I discovered a document of the same name---and remembered that I had started this same book concept the summer we arrived in France and had fallen upon a 'lost' chapter---and there it was!  I had barely any memory of writing it and better yet ...... it was good.  R-e-a-l-l-y good and I found myself thinking for a second, "Who wrote this?!  This is great stuff!"   Silly I know.  But it made me happy.

Okay next?  Is that not enough?  Aging gracefully, citizenship, a novel?  Well perhaps enough for now--the other stuff has of course to do with photography but I am pacing myself and will pace it for you too! 

There is a big antique show this weekend, a 'salon'.... and as I may have mentioned the boys are off school for this week and next for 'Toussaint'.... I have a bundle of linens to add to the shop and a few large pieces to shoot and list on SSO....

So there you have it.....never dull!  

...  à bientôt mes amis! See you again soon!