Friday, November 9, 2012

A day in (pictures} !

Well I finally... finally...after a little playing around, was able to free those poor 'Instagram' images that I took with my phone on Wednesday! I am hopeful that this is the start of my permanent exit from 'Glitchy-World'...  I know that in relation to losing power from horrible storms, my 'bad luck' of late pales in comparison .... but it has just been one thing after another, lots of work going 'poof--gone!' in a split second during a crash, or the worst internet connection since dial-up! 

So without any more whining--and onward and upward to better functioning technology--this is the day I wanted to share with you..... Starting with my favorite furry baby--Stella!

Good morning greeter!

A little fall color--in Normandy!

The sky is falling!

Une camionette.

I am seriously drooling over this antique cage in a shop in Honfleur!

Pretty doors!

Adventure girl!

Ah! More grey doors!

Carved stone.

Color on my kitchen table in the form of radicchio.

The happy 9 year old with his new bike!

So there it is--pictures from my phone and a pretty fabulous day!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!   As a friend from the US posted on Facebook---"The election is over!  We can now go back to posting pictures of food and saying "Life is Good" !

Mais, is!

See you again soon!