Wednesday, November 7, 2012

À demain....

Not everything, everyday, goes exactly as planned.  In fact most days... quite the contrary, n'est ce pas?  My day started by hearing the howls of Petite-Fille and a spilled cup of coffee... followed by a brilliant plan to go the the market in Honfleur....and it wasn't raining...and I knew the afternoon was packed so better to get an early start.  No breakfast for me, off we go.

I have been leaving my camera at home lately and instead feeding my shooting passion with taking pictures from my phone and uploading on 'Instagram'----confession, as much as I am passionless for Pinterest and Twitter--I absolutely adore Instagram!  It is like a Facebook for the visual oriented and I love sharing snap-shots in the moment and have found so many talented photographers over there.

So I took more than a dozen pics and posted them and would have done a blog-post this evening about the day---but irratatingly they are STUCK on.  my.  phone. .....   and I cannot for the life of me email them to myself as I normally do to share them!  The only one that came through is the one above......So frustrating!  So it will have to wait....

Just one of those annoying little days.  Middle Garcon was a handful (as he comes down 'day-after-Christmas-style' from his birthday), I arrived at a store this afternoon only to discover my wallet was missing from my purse (thanks to Petite Filles new obsession with taking it out to play with the cards...oh joy.) I only got a fraction of the things I needed to do today done.... burned a portion of our dinner tonight...and to end the glorious day---I spent this evening on my hands and knees mopping up red-wine from the living room carpet courtesy of flying Mario as he was flung by Middle Garcon and landed in French Guy's glass...

Just not the inspiration filled, effortless, joy-filled day I had hoped for....but tomorrow...I will still wake up and hope for the same....with renewed optomism....really.

So why am I posting at all tonight?  Well I did want to tell you that the sale at the shop and on my storefront ends tonight with prices going back to normal tomorrow---and that after than I will be adding a few new items I picked up as well!  So there.... done.

The French say 'À demain'  which is a good way to dismiss the day and say goodbye....for now.

So until then mes amis-- I hope your day went a bit more smoothly than mine!  

And thank goodness for tomorrow!  I will see you then!