Thursday, November 8, 2012

Atelier Day!

Just a quick peek into a much...much better day today!  It is only 4pm and I have already gotten enough done to be satisfied.  (Because I work with clients and buyers in the US my 'work day' often starts at this time and goes until about midnight.... so to be seeing the end of the work day this early is fabulous!)  

Which means there is time to hit the grocery store before 5 and Oldest Garcon--aka 'the teen' needs new shoes and I promised him I would take him on a little 'shoe-shopping' date!

I started early at 10 am at the 'atelier'... where I have my shooting studio up.  Coffee on the run again--but we did take a nice break for lunch.  So here are some of the items for the shop that I can't wait to list!  A few were just put up so take a look!

You can see that I finally shot pictures of the fabulous wash-stand table I purchased on Sunday .... it's from the 1800's with it's original marble top....

.... and also that my 'petite assistante' is known to run into frame at any given moment!

I am excited to list everything--send me a message if there is anything that catches your eye that you don't see added in the next week or so....  and don't forget to check both shops at Etsy and SSO!  I have started adding but the glitchy-universe is still after me today (and I still can't get to my images from yesterday--grrrrrr!)  But I expect I will have it all worked out 'a toute de suite'!

Have a wonderful day mes amis! The weekend is almost here!