Monday, November 5, 2012

Bon {busy} Lundi!

Bon Lundi mes amis!  

Thank you so much for your great response to the "Harvest Sale" over the weekend!  I am just posting briefly and then I am off to do a few very important 'errands' on this busy Monday--but I wanted to let you know that I have decided to keep the remaining items on SALE for a few more days so if you didn't have a chance to shop over the weekend---there is still time!

You can shop here....

and here.....

I had planned on ending the sale today--but I have a few fun tasks to do--the most important of which is to celebrate 'Middle Garcons' 9th birthday!  The boys are still off school for this week and we are doing a little family celebration which includes a bit of shopping  .... (a new toy store just opened in nearby Trouville!)  ... we are heading out late this afternoon to search for a new bike for him, he has ordered corn-dogs (homemade) and 'frite' for lunch and sushi (also 'maison made' by Mommy-sushi!) for dinner. I am also making a gluten-free vanilla cake for his party and have to run to the local 'patisserie' to pick up his favorite treats..... les macarons!

Needless to say-- a busy day!

... And I still cannot believe he is turning NINE! This kiddo has brought life-changing challenges and an endless source inspiration to my life.  This is one of my most recent photos of him, we had just gotten back from the beach and he was peeking through a piece of metal that we had found on our walk.... and I think this image truly captures the inquisitive and beautiful spirit of the boy!

I will be back soon mes amis!  Looking forward to sharing a fabulous little table I found this weekend at a brocante in Honfleur--I have put a 'teaser' picture of it on Facebook and I can't wait to have time to take a few more pictures and post it in the shop this week!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday and une bonne semaine!