Friday, November 30, 2012

Brocante {Heaven}

Two weeks ago French Guy and I (oh, and Petite Fille of course) wandered into a plain looking warehouse in a town about an hour from our home. We had an appointment in the same town and we had some time to kill before.  Marked 'Brocante' it was a basic, not fancy building in an industrial commercial area.  We may have passed it a dozen times without a glance.

When we stepped in it only took about 60 seconds for my heart to start racing.... I had died and woken up in 'brocante heaven'!  A huge warehouse full of the widest selection of French antiques and vintage --- and the prices?  Unbelievable!!!  So although I was feeling weak in the knees... we explored it from corner to corner, floor to ceiling.....

I pulled out my phone and snapped away!  Sorry for the phone-quality images but ...
...Take a look!

All styles, periods, trends ....

It goes on and on....

Even an Asian selection.....

and a little 'American Flair'!

A little digging reaps BIG rewards!

Even outside it was 'wall to wall'....

I thought I should pick this up for 'les garcons'... a little reminder of the motherland....from a French perspective.

Did I mention the prices?!  You would die!

Like I said--nothing fancy....but so worth the visit!  We immediately added it as a 'must stop' on my vintage shopping tour itinerary!  You could easily fill a container to send back to the US in about 10 minutes!

We were back there today and I think it is going to be a weekly excursion!  I was in search of shutters (that's another story mes amis!) and although I didn't find the specific size I need--I did not come back empty handed.... at all!  

Speaking of that--if you haven't already taken a look--the new storefront is open--you can find it here!  I am still working on it and adding new things daily too!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I predict we may see a little snow very, very soon and I may even get courageous and dig out the boxes of Christmas decorations!  (I am taking my own leisurely pace on this!  Around my home town the decorations are just now appearing and I love it!)

More soon .... Bon weekend!


  1. Pure Bliss! I would so love to truffle in there myself.Thanks for sharing~Cheers Kim

  2. Oh my goodness Cat,
    I would have died and gone to heaven!!! What amazing treasures!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Can't wait to go with you to this wonderful place.

  4. Attic heaven. To put it mildly.


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