Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Et voilà ! ....Finally --big NEWS!

Wow!  I have been waiting for----ever---- to say this!  The 'SHOP' is open!  If you are a savvy blog reader than you may have noticed the subtle changes over the past few weeks (months?) I have been streamlining many of my 'efforts' (passions!) to give them all a home in one place!

It has been many hours of work, tons of organizing ... and talk about a learning curve!  I have taken on new software, new sites, new domains.... with the goal being to house the things I do and the things I love under ONE roof!  Yesterday was a FOURTEEN hour work day trying to get all the snags out so that everything lands correctly!  

So here it is!  You can now shop for French vintage from 'moi'--Sunday Brocantes--right here!  You barely need to lift a finger! You can still of course hop over to my Etsy shop and also find me over on Second Shout Out too!  

My shop here will not only have personally created items and fabulous vintage finds from my weekly hunting trips all over the Northeast coast of France (and Paris too when I am lucky!--hear that French Guy?!---weekend getaway--Paris--toute de suite!) and I am also excited that at this shop I will also be able to sell traditional French household items that I have come to know and love while living in France; market baskets, garde mangers, culinary tools, soaps....

I am also thrilled to share with you a selection of the photography work that I have been doing over the past three years on my new photo site that you can find here!  At the moment I only have put up about 150 images and eventually I will be adding many more and also the option to order fine art prints directly from the site!

So many things to tell you about, but for now...... take a peek!

I hope you enjoy!