Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fa la la la .... Late?

I am not trying to start a controversy here--but is your home decorated for the holiday(s) yet?  Okay----uhm....which holiday?  It seems every year we are surprised that the decorations, particularly for Christmas come out earlier and earlier.  I am so surprised to see that some folks already have their trees up and homes decorated---already!  How about you?  Have you seen this too?

 When I lived in the US I can still remember the year that we couldn't believe that stores were open the day after Thanksgiving--and now I am hearing that some of the large 'big box' stores are opening ON Thanksgiving?  I guess that is more a sign of the times than anything else.  That won't happen here--I am pretty sure---ever.  One thing about the French---they love there 'vacances'---seriously--shops being closed is a steadfast commitment--being lunch hour or holiday.... or even just Sunday.  I am worried that Thanksgiving and Christmas will just merge into one--carving the bird and putting up the tree on the same day--or in the other order!

I know things are changing---I am just not ready for Christmas decor yet on this second week of November (even without having a Thanksgiving!  Which we will do in honor of our American heritage, or at least mine and 'les enfants' 'half'... on the Saturday after. ) 

But am I already late on the decorating part?  
Should I have the Christmas balls out and the lights hung?!

So those were my thoughts. 

I wasn't even in the mind-frame at all of decorating for Christmas until I saw this ...

Are you familiar with Mathew Mead?  Wow--just gorgeous and suddenly I wanted to pitch the gourds and my one mini-pumpkin out the window and do this!!! Bye--bye harvest table---Hello vintage zinc and live evergreens!

and then I saw these .....

Okay--let's just say now I am a bit inspired to start decking the halls! But not yet--and probably not for a few more weeks.

 So how about you?  Inspired and planning---or decorated already? ....and I promise not to ask what you are doing the day after Thanksgiving!

C'est tout for now!  I'll be back soon!

Wonderful Images from here.


  1. I'm with you...one holiday at a time please. My Christmas decor usually comes out the first week of December. Want the live greenery to look well, live!

  2. I don't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving and usually not until the end of November. I have bought several holiday magazines and have be oohing and ahhing, but will refrain from starting yet.

  3. Beautiful!!!!! I love the simplicity of this Christmas decor, Cat! But nope....not pulling out any of my decor til Thanksgiving is over. In fact, I usually wait til December 1st to haul out the boxes of sparkle and glitz. By January 1st, I'm usually so tired of looking at it and wanting my uncluttered house back, I'm ready to take it all down. So I don't want to start too early. lol!


  4. I'm inspired - just not doing it yet. Don't know where time goes. Must get Thanksgiving over with first. I have started on making gifts but not much in the decorating yet.


  5. I am familiar with Matthew Mead though I have yet to see this out anywhere.I only have seen the Red Holiday Magazine.Looks amazing~Kim

  6. bon jour cat! i had the pleasure of meeting matthew mead last year on cape cod (where i'm originally from)..i haven't seen this new issue but now i am inspired as well! i usually don't decorate until after thanksgiving..and this year, living in paris, i have NONE of my christmas decorations! i don't even know where to buy a tree stand! :)

  7. This is my third Christmas in France and I am just now getting my 'style' back! Our first Christmas in France we realized that 4 bins of decorations had mysteriously not made the cross ocean transit : ( so I can relate in a small way Pam!

    I love the simplicity of this look in the images--that is 100% how I want our holiday decor to look! Thanks for your comments! : ) XX


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