Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fa la la la .... Late?

I am not trying to start a controversy here--but is your home decorated for the holiday(s) yet?  Okay----uhm....which holiday?  It seems every year we are surprised that the decorations, particularly for Christmas come out earlier and earlier.  I am so surprised to see that some folks already have their trees up and homes decorated---already!  How about you?  Have you seen this too?

 When I lived in the US I can still remember the year that we couldn't believe that stores were open the day after Thanksgiving--and now I am hearing that some of the large 'big box' stores are opening ON Thanksgiving?  I guess that is more a sign of the times than anything else.  That won't happen here--I am pretty sure---ever.  One thing about the French---they love there 'vacances'---seriously--shops being closed is a steadfast commitment--being lunch hour or holiday.... or even just Sunday.  I am worried that Thanksgiving and Christmas will just merge into one--carving the bird and putting up the tree on the same day--or in the other order!

I know things are changing---I am just not ready for Christmas decor yet on this second week of November (even without having a Thanksgiving!  Which we will do in honor of our American heritage, or at least mine and 'les enfants' 'half'... on the Saturday after. ) 

But am I already late on the decorating part?  
Should I have the Christmas balls out and the lights hung?!

So those were my thoughts. 

I wasn't even in the mind-frame at all of decorating for Christmas until I saw this ...

Are you familiar with Mathew Mead?  Wow--just gorgeous and suddenly I wanted to pitch the gourds and my one mini-pumpkin out the window and do this!!! Bye--bye harvest table---Hello vintage zinc and live evergreens!

and then I saw these .....

Okay--let's just say now I am a bit inspired to start decking the halls! But not yet--and probably not for a few more weeks.

 So how about you?  Inspired and planning---or decorated already? ....and I promise not to ask what you are doing the day after Thanksgiving!

C'est tout for now!  I'll be back soon!

Wonderful Images from here.