Wednesday, November 14, 2012

French Vintage Christmas-- getting inspired!

After yesterday's post I was relieved that the comments left revealed that not everyone is jumping into the holiday decor 'a toute de suite'!  ... Personally, I am in the camp of starting gradually and easing into it---and it looks like I am in very good company!

After seeing those tempting images from that lovely blog that I used in yesterdays post--I have to admit that I was fully inspired to think about using vintage items and giving them a winter, holiday, simple rustic and festive look.  So this afternoon at the 'atelier'--the theme was just that.....

French country rustic---simple and charming!  Take a look!

With the exception of a few already sold--most of these items will be in the shop this week so check back or watch for the links as I list them on Sunday Brocantes on Facebook!

Happy decorating inspiration!
Hope your week is going well so far!  See you back here soon!