Thursday, November 1, 2012

La Toussaint & a 'Harvest Sale'.....

November 1st is 'La Toussaint' or all-saints religious holiday in France.  In short it is a holiday to remember deceased loved ones, attend special church services and visit graves in honor of those that have passed on.  Shops are closed, as are 'La Poste' and the banks. 

So although the French do not make a big deal of Halloween they have quite an emphasis on visiting graveyards around the same time....

And speaking of Halloween, I almost fainted when there was a knock on our door yesterday evening  and I found two little adorable goblins on my doorstep!  Here!  In France!  Regretfully I did not  grab my camera to record this anomaly ....  I was actually so taken-aback that I instead dropped the phone (I was on the phone with French guy discussing a grocery list) and scrambled to find a stash of lolly-pops---so those lucky little French darling trick-or-treaters got 'Yummy Earth' all natural organic lolly pops from America for their little treat bags!  And they got to see one American lady giddy with happiness to see them at her door!

Otherwise--it was a quiet little family celebration for us.  I carved our one 'cher' pumpkin and made a huge pot of chili and we watched the Charlie Brown Halloween special that we downloaded earlier.

I am considering having a 'Harvest Sale' of select holiday and harvest items listed in my Etsy shop over this coming weekend.  There is still time to order from the shop and have things by Thanksgiving and I have a few sets of table linens that I will be adding soon that are just fabulous and perfect for the holiday table!

I also will be putting a few of my baskets in the sale that make perfect tablescape elements ....  Last Saturday I filled this baguette basket with Normandy apples and later made them into votives with tea-lights for a weekend 'soiree' with friends....

 It is chilly, chilly, chilly......  It seems like it came out of nowhere and it is scarf and hat weather!  A lot of outdoor things are being put away.  I brought an iron table in and it became a desk in my bedroom and I decided to use this very chippy table in our entry (left outside over the summer after it was found on the side of the road....)

I had posted a 'refinish or leave' question on Instagram and Facebook about it and the consensus was to leave it as is!

Well c'est tout' for now .... I am going to work on listings and think about the sale for this weekend!  

Hope you had a very fun Halloween!