Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vintage {Christmas} Gift Sets

Last Christmas I had this idea about gifts.  Being the {vintage} girl that I am, and looking for more options than just hitting any old store I was wishing for more creative options.  I ended up shopping a lot on Etsy to be honest and the majority of loved ones on my list ended up with handmade or vintage items.  It was actually really fun.  I was able to find things that met each person's personality and I was certain they would not get two of the same, have to return anything or exchange a size the day after Christmas.

I also wanedt to add some more personalized options for 'gifts' from my shop as well.  But at the time I had an almost-one year old (January birthday) and almost-teen (also a January birthday three days after the one year old) it was my second Christmas in France and I was still trying to get my footing (actually I still am!) and creativity was just not flowing like it should have been.

 This year it is better.... all around. Except that now I have an almost TWO year old--(Lord have mercy!) and I am busier than ever!  But still---I just thought if I 'coupled' vintage items with French culinary items--what a fun gift it might make.  

So there you have it!  More French vintage holiday inspiration!

Here are a few of the items that will be listed in the shop tomorrow--Perfect for gift giving!

An antique chocolate mold coupled with a blue stripe towel.  

A small zinc plate, vintage towel and French soap with a 'bouquet garni'. 

Two vintage French 'torchon' and a vintage citrus juicer. 

A wood crepe spreader with an antique red striped torchon.

A large zinc pate, large French 'savon' for the kitchen and a vintage towel. 

 Plenty more coming!  I will start listing all of the sets tomorrow!  

Hope this brings a little gift giving inspiration to you as you get ready for the busy season ahead! 

Happy Thanksgiving week mes amis!  
I may not be there in person--but I am 110% there with you in spirit!

More soon!