Thursday, December 6, 2012

Decking the halls...soon....and a shutter story!

Remember that bit about having to clean up the house (entire house!) before I could get going on decorating?  Well....check!  Done!  Ready to decorate! I have been absolutely blown away by the style and creativity of so many bloggers and inspired lovely people--I finally made a list of what I want to do--aside from the standard elements (tree, wreath...etc).  

By the way....Have you seen the house tour on Jennifer Rizzo's site?!  Find it here!  Trust me--you will love the beautiful homes that you see!

Then there is mine.... I know!  I know!  Get on it girl!  But I have been so busy!  Happily so---but those boxes of decorations and cedar branches in the garden remain untouched!  And yesterday while in planning mode I snapped a few 'Instagram' images of the 'before holiday decor' of our dining room and because I finally worked out the issue of the shutters over the fireplace....

Here is that story.  A few weeks ago I took everything down off the wall above the mantel with the idea that some piece of architectural salvage would look great up there instead of the painting, mirror, tile and large word 'HOME' that was up there.....and once I got it in my head there was no turning back.  
I always ALWAYS see shutters and great pieces at the brocantes .....when I am not looking for them.....  so of course, right?!  Not-a-one....when I want one for myself.  So the mantle remained empty and bare for weeks.  Then last weekend I realized that I had the shutters right under my nose!, no, no---not on the neighbor's house (but don't think I didn't ponder that....) but right in the same room!  We have a huge pair of shutters with the smaller shutter 'inserts' from the South of France that we bought years ago---and the small shutters are just the right size.  Et voilà !  So there you go!  Problem solved! And the 'parent shutters' of the smaller ones actually look fine without the small panels and when I change my mind (who me!?)  they can be put back together!  
(Right French Guy?!).....

See?  I knew it would look great!
You can see the shutter without the smaller panel where my rosary hangs...

Okay--enough on that.  A few pictures of more additions for the shop.  All of my pictures are about as dull and grey as our Normandy skies have been!  It is cold and dark and the inside of the house is dim for pictures.... woe is me.  

Kitchen essentials set just added to my Etsy shop.

Sweet tiny birdcage soon to be listed .... maybe.

More vintage French velvet ribbons....beautiful colors!
But soon enough I plan on brightening things up with Christmas sparkly-stuff and plenty of cheer!  ......soon.... promise.  

I am shooting for before Christmas.  That would be good.

À bientôt mes amis!  Hope your week has been fabulous so far!