Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pretty Little {Vintage} Things...

Bon Decembre! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for this month's festivities!  For me the weekend felt too short (doesn't it always?)  It started with a brocante outing on Friday and ended with the regular Sunday brocante in Honfleur --  chilly and windy but I found a few 'pretty little things' to add to the shop and overall it was a nice weekend.  On Saturday I cleaned the house like a white-tornado (as French Guy says). I suppose I am weird about this--but I just can't get my head around starting to decorate for Christmas until I have a clean slate....really clean.  So I started on the third floor bedrooms of 'les garcons' and worked my way down the main floor--while French Guy took the kids to the park to give me some cleaning 'peace'.

I love the small things that I have added to the shop since this weekend.... just pretty and lovely things that will add a little French touch to different parts of the house.  A few of my favorites:

A very large enamel over cast iron coat and hat hook.

A sweet white porcelain pitcher.

Another coat and hat hook--8" long!  With a great patina!

And lastly -- a few French vintage velvet ribbon spools.  I was surprised to find they each held TEN yards of gorgeous hand dyed ribbon--thick and luxurious.  I will be adding more spools in other colors later this week too!  I just can't resist them!

 ..... And apparently neither could Stella, who 'helped' with the styling of the shot!

I just returned back from braving the slushy roads of the Normandy countryside so I am really feeling the 'winter' part of December! A simple run-around to do errands quickly became a slippery white-knuckle journey....but mission accomplished--I found two urns for my mantle that I was searching for as I am just starting today to do holiday decorations ..... there was a mantle-thingy that has been holding me up and a search for an elusive pair of shutters.... but more on that next time!  I need to get decorating!

Have a great week mes amis!  See you again soon!  

Don't forget to take a peek at the shop here.... and over on Etsy too!  There is still time to purchase in time for Christmas--but not for long!

À bientôt!