Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Puce de Deauville!

This past weekend was one of my favorite weekends so far this spring because of one of my favorite sales!  Le Puce de Deauville is possibly the best gathering in the area of brocanteurs and dealers; a pretty location,  and great things to be found! But have you noticed it's already Tuesday?  It's the end of Tuesday for me and I am just now getting to post about it when I would normally post on Sunday, or Monday.....

I am loving my crazy life right now, but I am buried in really great projects!  But I absolutely had to do at least one post about this fabulous brocante.... and in lieu of words (probably with many typos!) when there isn't time.....

Lots of pictures!

  An entire booth of vintage kitchen goods!

 Not just another day at the track!

 A busy crowd of shoppers....

 and the other 'usual suspects'.....

 and a couple of little trouble-makers....

 and a quick trot down the track!

 Some precious things found....

 Ordinary and functional...

 and well, a little.......uh..... eclectic?

 But most of all..... truly fabulous!

Wish you were here..... ?

Thanks for coming along!  Have a really wonderful week!

A bientot!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bridge Holidays and Fleas ....

It Thursday-- and yet the weekend has started!  I know I have mentioned this before--this month (and last, starting with Spring Break!) there are so many holidays in France that the kids are only in school for 21 days in a two month period.  You see, when a holiday falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday, there is this thing called a 'pont' (bridge) which is the day that connects the holiday to the weekend.... and this year in May there are bridge holidays making 4-5 day weekends---three times.  

Nice, huh?  Sorta.  

For those of us who work at home or on location and are now juggling that and 'les enfants' and also who work on the weekends.... well I have come to the decision that one must embrace this 'challenge' and adopt the French-spirit of making the most of it!

So here I am!  I have a fridge full of food (stores are closed) and meals planned, I have figured out my deadlines so that I can still accomplish what I need to (which means working after 8pm when the kids are out of the way!) and I have two photo shoots this weekend - that I am so excited about I am almost giddy!

But first..... "Le Puce de Deauville"!  It is a THREE day flea market in Deauville, which is where my cher-in-laws live and about 10 minutes from us.  I am so excited about it!  It is one of the prettiest sales and also one of the best venues for the quality of antique and vintage dealers and it is located in the tree-lined roads within the Hippodrome of Deauville.

In between going to that I have a few cooking projects; I just finished a batch of Rhubarb-Chutney and there is duck-confit in the oven for dinner tonight.  (You can peek here in a few days for the chutney recipe!)

Not a bad thing--these bridge-holiday weekends.  Not at all.

I'll see you when it's over! 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When the sun-shines ....

You know that expression -- "When it rains, it pours." ?   Well I would like to turn that around to say, that "When the sun shines, it really shines.... and shines."

When we went out to the brocante in Cabourg on Sunday--it was a sunny and blissful Mother's day.  I have to say, it wasn't even a fantastic venue. Large, yes. 320 sellers, but it was a combo of the 'garage-sale' types and vintage sellers, so although the prices were good there was a lot of searching and hunting, too.  It also was not a 'pretty' sale, and often they are not.  At least not anything like Honfleur was.......  Cabourg itself is a really charming seaside town, but the sale was held in the 'Hippodrome' (race-track parking lot) which meant that there was good access to interior plumbed bathrooms, but no cute-little-French-town charm.... a trade-off I suppose.

This time it was French Guy's turn, after-all, as much as I love to spend the day with my niece and have some girl-time--it was Mother's Day and I couldn't separate myself from 'Petit Fille' on this special day--even though she was a teensy bit cranky and we had to power-through the last 30 vendors---(she perhaps had other plans for the day with Mommy?)

But back to the sun ..... On the drive to Cabourg we passed a few fields of 'Colza'.  (Colza is the plant used for Canola oil in English).  The fields are exploding with the yellow flowers and are already harvested or were being harvested as we passed by.  Many times I had thought about stopping for a picture... and I knew this was probably my last opportunity.

We stopped at a field clearly marked 'propriété privée'.... and I decided I would carefully 'trespass' in order to get a shot.  It was also due to the heavy spring rains we have been having, a muddy mess and I had to carefully straddle a deep murky puddle .....

... and apparently French Guy thought that made for a very interesting 'Behind the Scenes' shot.  (Behind--yes, pun intended).

It was a great day.  I only got a handful of things at the brocante, much less than my recent outings....but with the sun shining and an afternoon planned of eating a nice lunch and hanging with 'les enfants' once home...it was glorious.

And when the sun shines..... it really shines! Here's what I mean.  Literally spring is bringing both new growth and opportunity for me.  I am in the thick of a few really amazing projects; writing and photography...in fact I am completely showered at the moment--it's positively pouring actually.  Bright, good, things.  Stayed tuned .....

Have a wonderful week mes amis!

 A bientot!

Monday, May 14, 2012

~ American ~ Mother's Day - French Style

It was not Mother's Day in France yesterday.  The  fête des Mères here is on the 27th.  So call yesterday a 'dry-run' because I fully intend on celebrating again in a few weeks...as French Guy says, I have 2 American born children and 1 French one.... so I {deserve} both.  Deserve..... at LEAST two.

So although we split the day into a brocante in Cabourg ---HUGE--320 vendors, and then the rest of the day with the family....I am not writing about the brocante today for you but instead posting the most beautiful part of my day ....  my 'trois enfants'... because that is what really made my day yesterday .....

(...That and the 'Moules Provencal' that French Guy made for lunch after the brocante ..... and the Mimosa I had in the sunshine out in the garden.... and a walk later to the beach .... )

I am grateful to God that not only did He bless me with my own wonderful mom who put three children and a husband ahead of everything else ... but also that I have been blessed to have these three-monkeys in my life... 

They make my day....EVERY DAY. 

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a lovely day yesterday too!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

On to Honfleur ...

If you are a regular reader, then you already know how I feel about Honfleur .... and if you are not, I will still spare you the gushing of 'amour' for this little town....and you will just have to read back to fully experience my undying affection for this place, which was our second stop on our brocanting excursion last Sunday.

As vibrant and alive as ever, even on this overcast day ... it was a showing of 'regulars'; a group called 'Clafoutis'--who are scheduled each weekend in various towns around Basse Normandy.  I like this group of brocanteurs, they are 'pro' and also more expensive than the vide-grenier/brocantes, but if you are searching for something special you learn to network with these folks.

And now that I have been going to this particular group to shop for vintage for a while now, they know me.....which has it perks.....and it's downsides.  I can't blend in and be discrete as much as I would like and they know when I ask for a price, I most always already want it..... that the petite-blonde-Americaine -- is a serious shopper.

On this day, now also that tourist season is in full-spring-swing ( as well as brocante season! ) in the courtyard there was also more than a few American and English tourists... it's fun to eavesdrop .... and smile-- having a slightly different perspective as a resident in this country rather than a visitor and I truly miss hearing English, even from strangers.  It's good to get a little fix now and then!

When I came home and was editing pictures -- I saw that I had taken a picture of these sweet dragon-fly cups.  What was I thinking passing these up?!  I plan on going back to the next show and hunting them down!  Obiously--I thought they were cute enough to snap a picture!

I also couldn't resist snapping some shots of a few architectural elements in this pretty town.  For whatever the reason.... Honfleur feeds my soul.

... and lucky for me it's only ten minutes down the road from our home.

Hope you are having a great week mes amis!  See you again soon!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Brocante ~ Gonneville sur Honfleur

Monday morning, three cups of coffee, the sun is out, and I had a great time at 3 brocantes yesterday--if that isn't a good start to a week--what is?

My new 'partner in crime' my Belle-Niece, and her mom, who is my sister-in-law--came along to one huge vide grenier/brocante in Gonneville-sur-Honfleur, in fact--drove--so I didn't have to worry about finding the sales or drive (as an illegally licensed driver with a non-registered American imported car.... don't ask. ) ....let's just say--happy to be driven!  First to Gonneville then to Honfleur and finally ended the afternoon in Dives sur Mer.

I will only post today about Gonneville... we spent a few hours there and then after headed to Honfleur (~favorite Normandie city~) for a smaller, more 'pro' brocante ...

And then picked up my Belle-mother-in-law in Deauville and headed onward to Dives-sur-Mer for a brocante that turned out to be a 'puce' for sewing notions...

But for now -- only Gonneville.. and a few wonderful French vintage....

and amazing French antique finds ....

and  a really great day... spent with special gals ....

And as I said before .... Belle-niece is becoming a fierce negotiator... and even better spotter--she found both the 'petit bleu pitcher' and the antique enamel water 'fountain' and basin-- Wow! -- She is GOOD!

Super fabulous day -- and NO RAIN.....did I mention that?!

Stay tuned for pics of the very pretty sale in Honfleur..... next stop on the 'tour' from yesterday!

Bon Lundi mes amis!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Jeu de Tarot

In a pile of 'found-things' French Guy came up with this set of French Tarot cards.  I didn't pay too much notice to them at first, thinking that it was just and old stack of playing cards until a few days later, I started to look through them and became interested in the little printed scenes.

Also called 'Tarot Nouveau' a set of  78 cards like this was intended not for divination, but was created solely for gaming. These bourgeois cards became popular in France in the late 19th century, and this set is most likely from the 1960's.

The scenes, or 'major-arcana' on the 21 trump cards in the set depict scenes representing four ages: childhood, youth, maturity, old age.

 ..... three times of day; afternoon, evening and night ....

The elements, the leisures, and the seasons ...

Two scenes on each card; one urban and one rural.

The images are sweet enough to frame so as a temporary display so that they could be enjoyed without being altered... I strung them clothesline-style on a web of jute, in an inexpensive frame painted black.

This way I can change them out and take them down when I want, with the cards still intact... and who knows, maybe someday I will even learn how to play with them!

Speaking of playing ...Happy Friday mes amis! 

The weekend is almost here!