Friday, January 4, 2013

Best of 2012

I spent the other night working on one of my resolutions.... well, sorta.  I don't do 'true' resolutions... but I do take the time to recognize the clean slate of a new year and although I don't make a nagging list of things that does more to point out deficits (need to be healthier, eat less, go to bed earlier, be more organized) which seems to traditionally be the way that resolutions go .... I do a more casual 'maybe this would be a good idea list' and leave it at that.  

So on this list was to clean up my image files on my lap-top.  I would be embarrassed to reveal how many files I have eating up precious GB's.... but to give you an idea, I have 2000 --- on. my. phone.  So you can imagine from my trusty Cannon to the lap-top...well,  a lot.  A lot-lot.

So okay---to the point.  In doing this I starting getting stuck on my favorite images from 2012 and ended up making a small file of 145-- (yes only 145!) 'Best-Of' pictures....which I would love to post on this blog to share--but instead I made a few image collages... and well, you will get the idea!

First up  "US FIVE"....

Of course, easily taking first place -- is FAMILY.  

Next ... the rest of our family!

After that --- the furry family members.  We lost sweet Roxi at 18 years old and our dear sweet boy Polo .... but added gorgeous baby Stella to our family!  Leaving us in total with the 3 doggies and 2 kitties ... and one goldfish.... (Not pictured! She is camera shy.)

Our precious American/French combined family....

Seeing my brother and sister and time with my parents in Boston for their 50th wedding anniversary, a spring and late fall visit from them and living close to French Guy's parents --- we are BLESSED.

Of course the ----  Blissful Summer!
A glorious beach-filled summer!  Bright sun and warmth.... for two whole weeks.  Normandy.  Typical.  But summer was wonderful anyway!

And finally -- not to rival family, furry ones and blissful summer days-- the last 'Best' of 2012 was....

....  getting 12 months closer to feeling that this strange place that I find myself -- 

--- actually feels like HOME.

2012 it seemed was a bit hard on a lot of people--reading Facebook posts on New Years day-- I saw that a lot of friends were bidding it a 'good riddance' more than a fond-farewell.  When I look at these pictures, although my very vivid memory remembers that there were plenty (too many) difficult moments and struggles that I suppose had to be ... I am reminded that 2012 was also filled with what was most important and the things that I hold close to my heart during those times.... love, family, sunshine, Faith and hope-- and all of those things will come with us in 2013.... and for years after that.

Speaking of --I am dedicating my next post to my WORD for 2013 -- in lieu of resolutions--there is absolutely one word that will be my guide and mantra for this year.  Not tellin' yet.

More on that soon!

.... and I would love to hear yours too!  

Hope the New Year is starting off already with last years 'BESTS'!  

See you soon mes amis!