Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Burgundy Christmas

Although I am excited to jump right into a New Year's post--I have to first share a tiny bit of our Christmas at French Guy's sisters beautiful home in the Burgundy region.  The drive down was, as expected, an 'adventure'.... of course it was.  Mais bien sur!  Who are we talking about here?!  

... The seven hour drive quickly turned into almost nine--because of the traffic and we got stuck outside of Paris in an almost standstill jam for over two hours.

The sunset was gorgeous as was the scenery as we headed south... in the Burgundy region aside from the beautiful farms and wineries, there are also castles and cathedrals--tucked into the hillsides....and a night, some are illuminated with spot-lights so the last part of our journey heading down (aside from the whining ...."Are we almost there?!) was filled with gasps and pointing and hoping that French Guy would not run off the road looking!

We arrived at Belle-Sister-In-Laws just after 8 pm and just minutes after Petite Fille finally lost it--literally--puking all over herself and the back seat....oh the joys of travel!

Their beautiful home...Originally built in the 13th century and then re-done in the 1800's.

The original well on the property.
Once there--a beautiful and Joyeux Noël!---No it wasn't perfect; two of three of my 'enfants' have trouble being away from home and out of the "routine", I become very homesick for my family back in the US at the holidays, my brain often hurt from the long exchanges of French at the meals, our doggies were huge pain in the butts about being away from home too, loads of rain and not white Christmas....but here it is...the most important part of all this... the real Christmas part...

The hospitality, the love and the effort that my sister-in-law and her family showed to us made it the perfect Christmas.  I cannot even express how much it meant to us to be welcomed into their beautiful home.  Meals were wonderful, relaxed .... huge delicious spreads for 20 put out effortlessly (it appeared)! Opening gifts was a happy mayhem (despite my tiny bit of anxiety about that part).  We were as welcome to sit and chat at the table for hours as we were to wander about or spend time in quiet....

Forever exploring... every detail.

Everything was perfect and it was the most welcomed I have felt .... ever--since moving to France.

The garden wall and gate of the fruit orchard.

Playing around outside was wonderful for the kids... despite the rain.

The boys got Nerf disc-shooters for Christmas!

Driving in style!

Quite a dog party!  Ours--the two Black tri-Cav's... yes, the wimpy looking ones.

Yea... we kinda fell in-love with their giant Leonberger....

The ride home--shorter yes.  Not as much traffic--but this time Petite Fille--the little car-sick babe--only made it as far as 3 hours from home--so there was a 911 stop at a McDonald's and a complete change of clothes with a cold sponge bath.... poor monkey.  Goodness.  Not fun.

But pretty.... the drive part.

A beautiful region!

Back home....I love the time between Christmas and New Years---time to think, plan and rest with the excitement of the clean slate of the New Year just ahead.  I can't wait to share a post about of it soon; my 'word' for 2013.... a few resolutions although I don't really take them too seriously... and new aspirations and directions that are just around the corner!

Hope you had a beautiful Christmas and holiday season!  I will be back very soon!

Bonne année mes amis!  
I am so excited for this NEW year!