Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 2 and 3 of FTPI-cation!

Do you miss me yet?  Have you tried to stay away as well?  I have heard that I am not the only one that decided to cut the social 'life-line' this week to focus on moments and efforts that are way more important.... so how are you doing with it?

Day one -- was probably the hardest.

Day two was certainly easier.....I set my phone aside (it's a Galaxy Note--you know the GIANT kind--that looks like a tablet?  Affectionately called a 'Phablet'.. for phone-tablet.....but I have been known to call it a 'Fab-let'-- because it is fabulous.... truly.)  

So Tuesday and it was going fine---again I got sooooooo much done when not worrying about checking in and posting things.  I do have to say however that only one plus day into it--I really did think a lot about my friends.  The distance between France and the US stretched out even more than usual.

Then at the end of the day there was a little sna-fu that happened when I went to correct a problem with my blog-networking thingy.  For some reason none of my posts were getting out there to the 'Networked Blogs' locations  so I went to click the fix button--and when I did I also hit 'publish missed posts' thinking that there would be a handful--maybe 4 or 5 that didn't get linked up on my Sunday Brocantes Facebook page--well I hit that button and whammy!  SIXTEEN posts went flying out into cyberspace and ended up being posted as if they were brand-spanking-new!  (Yikes--did you read one from last Summer and think---what is going on?!) So I had to----HAD to... hop on to my business page on Facebook and delete all those stale links---I did it for YOU.  So you wouldn't accidentally think that I was super-zealous in writing yesterday and did SIXTEEN blog posts in one sitting and posted them all on Facebook for you to enjoy! See!?!  It was for you chers amis!

But honestly---I just hopped on Facebook for a tiny-sec and deleted like crazy and didn't even take a second to see new likes or me!

French Guy on the other hand---that rebellious rule-bender---decided that he could give-up Facebook and other time-sucking distractions----yet still do news blasts, notifications, and .......Backgammon!!!

I said...."What are you doing with that THING in your hand?!"  and he said, "Moi?!" very innocently! I lovingly (read-firmly) told him to put it down-----a distraction is a distraction.... so there!  Just because my vice is Instagram and his is Angry Birds or Backgammon----sheeesh!

So there it is---we have passed over the hump with 2 days to go!  I do feel 110% more in tune to my life---and I am getting about ten times more accomplished each day!

Even with another very big---HUGE---HUGE---distraction peeping over the horizon----that I am dying to tell you about!  .... and I will.... toute de suite!

Until then......  Hope your week has been fabulous so far!