Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 4 and a {Birthday}

Day 4 --- and I can finally say I have reached the point of complete clarity of time management and priority focus.... well kinda.  Things really have changed and not to gloat mes amis---but I do truly highly recommend that everyone take the plunge and unplug often...maybe even once a week.  Not only have I a squeezed more into each day and spent more time actually doing nothing at all (impressive I know!) and clearing my head and even breathing more deeply .... I have sat on the floor--with nothing in my hand, with the lap-top closed and unplugged upstairs---playing with Petite Fille, answering 1001 random questions from 'Middle Garcon' and looked the teen in the eye several times a day and had some real conversations --- I have cleaned the house like a white tornado-- and come on...

I have blogged here ......every. day. this. week!

So today is the darling Monkey's 2nd birthday!  Yes--time flies!  Another BIG-----HUGE----reason to unplug regularly!  Two is a funny birthday--a two year old has very few birthday demands---(unlike my teen who turns 14 three days after Petite Fille-- the teen---who has submitted a five-course Japanese menu for his birthday soiree..... and asked for new smart-phone to replace the one that went through the laundry a couple of months ago.....).

But for my littlest---just a normal fun day and quizzical looks at why we all spontaneously broke into the 'Happy Birthday to you...." song throughout the day.....and she just thought it was more of the strange new fun-ness to be set free at our local toy store to run the aisles and explore and pick out what was most intriguing for her to take home.  We will do the cake-thing with her big brother on the weekend.  Like I said--a good year to take advantage that she has no expectations---no timeline of celebration.  (I know by 3--it will be a whole other story!)

So I am celebrating this evening-- to have had this little girlie---who favors trucks and trains over dollies and is obsessed with the sea and sand like her Mommy, glows with joy on a sunny day with her hands in the dirt in the garden (again like her Mommy!) and will--with whatever challenges and little victories we have ahead--make us into better parents---and a more blessed family---to have her.

C'est tout---for now.  

Adding to the shop daily!  A small brocante and visits to my favorite sources next week while I restock and re-organize inventory.

Still have that bit of excitement to share with you! I will be back soon! 

Day 5 ahead---last day and it should be a piece of cake!