Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 5... J'ai fini! ..and the next big {DREAM}!

 Day 5-- I am done!....and I am back!  With my official post on Facebook--I have returned to the land of social networking!  Wow.  So. Totally. Worth. It.   Five days---120 hours--less about 4 hours because I did post on the night I went cold-turkey and did come back on at around 6PM tonight--France time....most of you are six to nine hours behind me--aside from my cher amis in AU who I think are 19 hours ahead!  (So in their eyes I am in over-time!)

I will definitely post about the pro's and con's of it all---the pro's are easy---more time to focus--no nagging urge (or resisting!) the urge to check in to 3 or 4 different 'sites' or apps at random moments of the day..... I did get those moments of otherwise unacknowldged calm---like this afternoon sitting in my dining room with a cup of coffee and thinking just about the sun coming in the windows for the first time in months..... and nothing else.  

No phone in hand, no computer in my lap--for most of the day.

The cons?  Yes, a bit more lonely than usual.... missing people and their everyday random stuff that comes out in comments and 'likes' and status updates....  yes, feeling a bit detached from things... also--I found out I am not good at being bored.  Waiting for water to boil, waiting in the car.....insomnia.  Moments that are so often filled with a "pin" and photo shared or a comment....I did completely miss posting pics on Instagram and seeing pics---as a visual person it is a major and important outlet for me.

But I do think that now---having done this---and a très brilliant way to start the new year....that the ultimate award--is the raised awareness of the time-sucks, the re-connection with what is important--the learned permission to be quiet--and not do anything at all...several times a day...while waiting for the water to boil.

Okay--I have put you all off long enough!  Here is the BIGGIE.  One of the new year epiphanies for me and French Guy was that...

...we are moving!!!  

Whoops----back a few steps.  We want to move.  It is time---probably past time. We completely agree that we have outgrown our current abode and it is time to see about finding a larger... better suited....and (why not?!) to call home.

Funny thing is---we decided on New Years---and here we are----I think we may have found it!

Let me introduce you to---"House #1"......

 17th century farm house.... on a big piece of land....close to town but no neighbors.... a big Normandy style barn....

We are smitten.  

It is twice the size of our current house and is the SAME price!  Potentially---we could have the space that we really want....explore having a little farm-life... and have a place for friends and family---doors open.....anytime.

Tomorrow we go visit it again---avec les enfants see what they think.  After that I hope to post more pictures and share thoughts about it.....and here again--pros and cons...

There are pros----the house is HUGE----the house is CHARMING.....and there are cons......we would be moving away from the beach and......there are COWS..... yes cows.  
COWS. ...Possibly popping their heads into the kitchen window.  Regularly.

So tell me what you think!  I have the excited tummy swelled with butterflies....praying every moment that this might be the house for us......praying even harder that if it is not--then there it is only because there is something even BETTER for us!  

Back soon mes amis!  I can't wait to share more!

New items in the shop!  Take a peek----and BON WEEKEND!  xx!