Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dreaming, Shopping and....{COURAGE} applied.

Time seems to be moving at a snail's pace while we wait for news about the house! In the meantime, life does go on and in between day dreaming about the possibilities and changes that 'House #1' might bring... we still have to keep our eyes on reality, work, family...work again.... did I mention work?  In between that the dusting of snow that 'les enfants' were so eager for, just enough for a few snow balls and enough to cancel school for a half day.....(doesn't take much around here let me tell ya!) Snow, even in small amounts has a funny way of paralyzing 'les Normands'....they are not used to it and everything comes to a halt which amuses me having grown up on the East Coast of the US and having seen snow-a-plenty!

I have been adding things to the shop daily after visiting one of my favorite local 'sources' last week.

Café au lait cups!

A chippy green French farmhouse scale.

French Antique Siphons.

A vintage champagne basket---SOLD.

European size vintage monogrammed pillow shams.

A huge copper poacher from the early 19th century.

Sweet little Limoges cup.
 Last week I had spent most of my time putting together plans for several groups that are coming to shop for vintage this spring and next fall..... I really enjoy putting together the details and I am always so thrilled to find another shop or flea market to add to the itinerary!  I am posting the link in my sidebar to an updated 7-day shopping itinerary called 'Paris to Normandy' French Vintage Shopping with Sunday Brocantes.... (moi!)  and if you happen to be planning a trip to France or are in the 'dreaming about it' stage....take a peek! I can also plan a weekend or by the day vintage shopping tour too...  

And speaking of 'fleas'.... I went to a 'seamstress and fabric puce' on Sunday.  Lovely little things; buttons, trims and threads and it was also a fabulous opportunity to stock up on French linen 'torchons' for the shop!  I re-stocked on both the bright white and the classic natural linen with red stripes--my favorite! -----Who knows....maybe I should hang on to a dozen for the new house.....NEW house.....new OLD house.......see!?!  I just cannot get it off my mind!

Of course we had to go visit her in the snow!
 So that was my weekend---dreaming of the house.....shopping at the nearly snowed-out brocante..... and planning shopping tours for others--- oh and applying a few thick layers of my word for 2013---Courage.

If you have been following since the beginning of the year--you know that I am stressing a bit over this evaluation process for Petite Fille.... and we had another appointment in Caen on Thursday.  Just not my favorite kind of day.  Okay---honestly I hated it.  This particular appointment had me feeling helpless;  

1. I got lost about 2/3rds into the French specialist's 'interview' of us.... 
2. French Guy of course could see the direction the whole thing was going long before me......
3. I cried.  

Yup.  In front of the doctors.  They got me.  They prodded until they hit that emotional nerve and I was sitting there dabbing my eyes and not able to answer their questions knowing that if I tried to speak....I would surely loose it entirely.

So in short---bad.  Bad appointment.  I left feeling like a complete failure to advocate for my girl....Ugh.  That's just not me.  I am stronger than that.  Most of the time.  

So although I might have it ready for the big picture--for the future...COURAGE.....in the moment turned out to be a weakness I need to work on....I am considering a tattoo of that word.....BIG....someplace where I can see it when I need it.....  Whew.  We have to go back again this Thursday.  I will be better prepared.

Okay--so that's it for now on this Tuesday that feels so much like a Monday and this tells me that this week is going to fly by......I hope it does....and is filled with lots of good news (maybe about a house)....and some more dreams....and plenty of courage.... courage to spare.  

That would be good.

Hope your week is off to a great start mes amis!