Monday, January 7, 2013



Well here I am -- at the end of day one.  Day one of the five day -- no Facebook, no Twitter, no Pinterest, no INSTAGRAM.... (sniff, sniff...) no life-line!  Goodness---day ONE....of FIVE and already it has been rough.  So here are the early epiphany's... apparently I check and interact with these things much more often than I am aware of!  Starting with this morning--coffee in hand, I grab my phone and check my emails (oh--emails are okay--just no 'social' stuff--emails are business or family related).  That took about ..... 3 seconds. Then I find my thumb hoovering over the icon for Facebook where I put my 5 day off-- 'vacation status' as my last comment before turning in around midnight last night  and got several immediate responses to the tune of 'woop-woop'-- 'You go girl!'  and 'We will miss you!' (Okay well not exactly ...  but it sorta felt like that.)  I didn't post an à tout à l'heure on Instagram--my favorite social networking home away from home...and I wondered if I would be missed there too.  Twitter is actually a joke--I am on it--I think I have three accounts actually--and I have no. idea. how. to. use. it.......and Pinterest---I will treat myself to a fab French decor  or foodie mag from the newsstand this week and satisfy my longing for 'Pin-speration'...  I can deal. 
I am strong.

The day went like this--- after I re-trained my thumb NOT to tap those icons---while sipping my coffee, between loads of laundry, while cleaning up the house, while giving Petite Fille lunch--- I found something to be totally true---when you are not checking those things... status-sing, commenting, pinning, tweeting....snapping and Insta-posting----you get a lot done!  Wowza--yes! 

Wish I could say I added a dozen chapters to the novel, or even penned a thoughtful letter to a friend--I mainly stayed off the computer and phone all together....  I waged war on the mold/mildew situation in our dark, damp, Normandy abode (oh--more on that later I promise!) which took almost all day--and I also helped the teen search for a large sum of missing 'dinero'--mucho dinero! -- (Spanish for a whole lotta cash!) that his grandmother gave him for his pending birthday that went totally ---'P-O-O-F' into thin air---g--o--n--e  just like that!  So I spent this entire evening searching every corner of his room and surrounding rooms on the third floor for it----yet another story and life lesson learned that I will be sure to share..... 

Needless to say a really, really long day!  This evening French Guy (at 10pm ) said--Wow--what a Monday you have had---and I answered---"YES!  and I can't even bitch about it on Facebook!"  

Ha-ha-ha----waaaaaaaah !

Okay--enough for day ONE mes amis!  
Can't wait to see what being more present in everyday moments brings!

PS---On a more serious note---I cannot tell you how much the support and love that I received after my previous post 'The Word for 2013' meant to me.... I appreciate it beyond words.

Merci and.....Courage-on....