Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Maison de Rêve....

Do you think I could possibly blog about anything else?!  Yes, the house....the HOUSE.  So we decided we should move---HAD to move from our current little rental home....remember the mold-thing I alluded to?  We the real story there is that French Guy and I have been sick with 'allergies' ever since the end of our long wet summer and into the cold wet fall and now continuing into the dark wet winter.....yes, our 'petite maison' has mold (and mildew!) "issues".  

 As far as we know, just the surface stuff that we can see....the walls here are solid; stone and concrete.  The windows are single pane (our current house is 1940's ish) and we are constantly battling the condensation as long as we warm the house and it is cold outside....mold flourishes happily on the walls, window panes, tiles.....and it isn't pretty.  And despite the on-going war against it----we sneeze, wheeze and sniffle..... constantly.  

For the last nine months we have.....and for me--the joy of the sinus infections because I am one of those kind of people that gets that fun....chronically. We have also 'outgrown' our current abode.  I was 6 months pregnant with Petite-Fille when we moved in---the same little Monkey that is now tearing up the place and needs SPACE...we all do.  A lot.  A lot-lot.

Hence---the need to move.  To a bigger, brighter, DRIER, double-paned insulated window-----kinda place.  And well now----seriously now.  An updated 17th century Normandy farmhouse that has that?!  Plus land, a barn, huge rooms, four----FOUR fireplaces--and ---oh, did I mention the cows already?.....and the rabbits---wild rabbits? The property is over-run---with wild rabbits...100's.  Happy them I was a vegetarian for 10 years and still do not eat--'lapin'---especially cute furry wild Normandy 'lapin'...... yet.

 Okay--want to see the INSIDE of this amazing place?!  First --- the details--- we are 'in-line' with another interested party.  We have completed the application and now we wait.  Odds against us?  We have lived in France for 2 and 1/2 years and have small businesses that we are trying to live off of (aka survive) as we grow them---SMALL businesses.  Did I say SMALL already?  French Guy has an international shipping company that also does art and antique handling and installation locally and throughout Europe.  Me?  Well you know me already---vintage seller (no it's not just a hobby!) and writer/photographer... still slaving away at completing that best selling novel....(If I just had more time!)  Add those two together and you get.....not the most attractive and stable financial picture...hardworking, dedicated, passionate...yes!  Mucho euros in the bank?!  Not so much.

Enter FAITH.  Enter prayer.  LOTS of it.  Despite our need to move on...  So here is the thing.  I LOVE this house.  It has it's perks and truthfully has it's 'not so greats'....but we think it would be good for us in so many ways.  How do I explain that I have come to a peace through prayer that if we get it it is golden--and we are over the moon---and if we don't---I am okay.  I guess that is faith...  God will take care of us---this house ....or not.

So here ---is a look--at the inside!

Another view of one room of the two room kitchen---clean slate!  

Kitchen ceiling beams!

Main Family Room -- Salon

Front door entry   

Dining room/library fireplace

Dining Room

Master Bedroom - 2nd floor

Very scary--'Finding Nemo' master bathroom.... with ..

Star Trek vanity!
2nd Master or Petite Fille's Room

Up to the 3rd floor....

3rd story 'attic' bedrooms for the boys...

Bonus--finished attic 'play room' !

Sweet details on doors!

Doorways are low!  The teen is only 5'5!

But the barn!?!  I am dying!!!!

When we visit--we have a hard time leaving!
We should have some news soon.  Hoping and praying---every. minute.

Speaking of prayer---heading out in the morning for one of those long (and emotional) days for another evaluation for Petite Fille at the 'Autism Center' in Caen...if you are so inclined---think about us.

In the meantime---adding things to the shop--working on Spring and Fall French vintage shopping tours.... and trying to wrangle all of the butterflies going crazy in my stomach!

Proverbs 3: 5-6

Be back soon mes amis!