Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ma Vie .... in pictures...{Framed} !


Bonjour mes amis!  Wow was this a long Tuesday or what?!  This week is d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g...... while we wait for two very HUGE events....the first is the signing all the docs for the house!  Which  happens on Thursday--we think.  

Just so that you don't think that this entire thing is just one bliss-filled ride--the house that we found just under a month ago, fell for, prayed for and worked for--well the journey has not been without snags---right before we got the confirmation that the house was for us, the homeowner came back asking for more money---and now just days before final paperwork there is another little hiccup--enough to welcome back a few of those butterflies and plenty enough to make Thursday evening 5PM seem even more distant!  I just want to get this done!

The other really---really---BIG event this week is that French Guy turns..... (can I tell them honey?) .... cinquante ans!  That's right mes amis...... cinquante!!!  Which is.....35 plus taxes...French taxes....lots of them.  Ironically--his big day is also on Thursday, signing day!  

What a week I am telling you!

 So to pass the time, (I always find it is really essential to stay busy when slightly stressed anticipatory---  I wanted to share with you a new shop-site where I am going to for a time list my photography prints for sale!  Society6 is a great (and reasonable) site where you can purchase fine art photos and prints. (You can even find really fancy I-Pod 'skins' there!)

So here is a quick look--and if you have time.... visit the site and take a look at my other images.  Some you may even recognize!  I am also happy to create custom orders--so just send me a note!  (Prints, cards, lap-top covers--even pillows---wow!)

Paris Apartment

Handsome Chicken

Les Pommes

Oh La Vache!

Framed prints start at under $40. 

 I only make a buck or two -- but I think it is a really fun way to get my work out there!  

Hope you enjoy!

See you again soon!