Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rabbit Hill Evening

About a week ago, I said to French Guy that I wanted to stop and take a moment and just enjoy the realization and celebration of our finding Rabbit Hill, because I knew that very shortly the adrenaline would wear-off and we would have to shift into 'moving-out' (and moving-on!) mode--the UN-fun part--of finding a new home.  So for a few days longer--I wanted to flip and clip through home decor magazines, pin to my heart's content, talk about the possibilities .... and sip some champagne after we signed the papers on Valentine's Day --- embracing the blessing of finding a HOME that was meant for us.... before the move part--kicks in.

On Sunday evening we went over to Rabbit Hill just before sunset.  French Guy and me and Petite Fille, after a glorious weekend of perfect blue skies and sunshine.

Ringing OUR doorbell.

 I am still a bit in 'pinch-me' mode.

The barns are in 'charming' disrepair....  In the corner of the center 'stall' of the big one, I found crates and crates of old terracotta pots, and I can only imagine what else we might find and at the same time a tiny bit wary---as the protective 'maman' --- of what 'les enfants' will discover!

I can imagine 100's of places to shoot photos --- textures, colors, rustic history of forgotten places.

But perhaps the biggest surprise was that the second 'barn' is not a barn at all.....

It is a cider-mill!  Hiding away in the darkness -- the old mill structure and all of the old barrels and bits and pieces of Normandy history under it's mossy (and falling in!) roof.

and I am sure that is only the beginning .....

In the meantime--back in the world of today's reality BEFORE we can move in late April--there are house showings of our current rental house which means cleaning and cleaning and cleaning again ... being completely accommodating even if said showing is on a Monday, at dinner hour, and the potential new renter is almost an hour late..... because the sooner this place is rented out--- we can check that inherent hassle and stress, off the list. Check. Done. Time to pack!

And as previously mentioned--cleaning our current rental house means again doing battle with 'le champignon' the charming way to say 'mold' in French (and yes, also the word for mushroom!)..... which sent me into an allergy 911 (mais bien sur!) and I have become so sick again from the exposure that I find myself 'Googling' "Are mold allergies life-threatening?" at 2 AM when I can't sleep---or breathe.

All of the joys--- of moving..... and moving on...and we cannot move soon enough!

I am going to sign-off now to find another box of tissues, remove my contacts and put my glasses back on .... take a pill and snort saline if necessary---all while closing my eyes, clicking my heels together and chanting--

maison de rêve ....   maison de rêve ..... maison de rêve ......

What ever it takes.

I'll be back soon---I hope.  Also hoping your week is off to a wonderful start mes amis!