Monday, February 4, 2013

Back to the normal {joy}....

This weekend went by in a blur!  Maybe it was the relief of the first weekend in the past three that we knew we have the house--and the butterflies have been replaced by anticipation and
 d-r-e-a-m-i-n-g! ....

It was one of those weekends when on Sunday night you say. "Wow!  What a great weekend that was!" but you just can't pin-point why....
.... that has been 2013 so far.  Seriously.  I think my word for 2013 should have been BLESSED.... maybe it is.  The word for this year that I didn't chose, but rather the one that choose ME.  

For certain.

Snaps from my phone document the 'normal' stuff that we did --normal things that bring JOY...

A walk around Trouville with French Guy (while Petite Fille napped at home under the care of 'le teen'.)  It was almost like a date!  The two of us --- sans enfants!

 We popped into a favorite store of mine--'Merci' on Rue de Bain.  It is the (itsy-bitsy) tiny baby store of the big and fabulous one in Paris.  I love it!  It is rarely open (hours by 'whim') so we felt so lucky to find the lights on and I came away with two sweet tea cups.  It's the kind of shop where one little purchase makes you feel totally spoiled!

Earlier in the day I cooked braised pork chili and we all ate around the coffee table that evening (all 5 of us!) chips, salsa and chili!  (Oh! If our French friends and family could have seen us!) That night was also movie night for me with the middle garcon who has been sick so it was a snuggle in the big bed while we watched "Honey I Shrunk the Kids"

 Sunday we went to the market to pick up 'Choucroute' for lunch.  As much as I love cooking Sunday lunch -- I also enjoy getting a 'ready' meal at the market now and then!

When it is chilly outside, the smell of the meats and the 'choucroute' is so cozy!

 Although after all that great eating I would have loved to take a relaxing Sunday afternoon nap---it was not possible!  French Guy and I headed out to Honfleur to go to an auction that started at 2.  We were attending for clients--but ended up doing a tiny bit of shopping too!  (For the house!  THE HOUSE!  The big one that needs a few more chairs.... Oui? C'est vrai?)

So....To be continued mes amis!  The weekend felt so NORMAL and so.... blessed.

The auction was so fun and I am excited to share what we found! If you haven't lately -- pop over to the shop!  I added a few (exceptional!) furnishings yesterday and have a few more things to add this week too!

I truly hope your weekend was fabulous!  It is going to be a great week mes amis!  I can't thank you enough for taking the time to share it with me!

Happy Monday!