Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Counting down!

So----SO excited for 2014!  I LOVED 2013 and the thought that 2014 is going to be even better makes me almost giddy.  I have already chosen a good 'word' for this new year ahead--and will share it in a few days!  I cannot wait to hear about yours!

But first--the shop OPENING!  Coming up in about 11 hours! (or next year, depending on how you count it!) I will open as soon as I wake up!---and at the same time you might just be popping champagne and giving a 'bisous' to the nearest loved one....

The shop OPENS at 12 midnight PST.

A smaller pop-up than usual--but a variety of everything from mustard jars to vintage Hermes!

A fun way to start the New Year!  I hope you can come by!

Bonne Annee mes amis!  Sending love and gratitude for your support and kindness!

See you next year!