Monday, December 30, 2013

Merci --- WINNERS! ... and count down to the SHOP opening!

Don't you just love a post that is called 'Winners' ?!  I had hoped to post this before the weekend but here we are on Monday--the eve of New Years Eve... time is just flying!  Non?

As I have mentioned--the next shop opening is on January 1st and of course the shop will be open one time a month on the first of each month through 2014.  I am so excited to share a few things for the January shop opening--some sale items, more French Lifestyle Essentials--and a few sweet finds from brocanting this month in Paris!

But more importantly---there are TWO winners for the $20 gift certificate drawing for this next opening---in less than 48 hours!

If you donated to help bring Dima, a sweet 9 year old boy from the Ukraine--to the United States for Christmas--to spend time at my cousins home in upstate NY and launch the journey towards US adoption--and left a comment on the previous post---saying so--- YOU were entered in the drawing!

And the winners....

Drawn from a 19th century beaver skin top-hat (details are important) by my 10 year old 'Middle Garcon'...  are....


Congratulations gals!  You have a $20 discount on any item over $20 in the on-line shop when it pops-up on January  1-3! {Click on their names to visit their fabulous blogs!}

Set of 3 vintage mustard crocks.

French linen twine.

Vintage stamps.

A HUGE merci to everyone who donated!  The ultimate show of generosity and true kindness is giving without any expectation of getting back.  It thrills me to be able to give back just a little bit to YOU!

I will email both of the winners with details!

And coming up next---updates and a few photos of Dima's arrival and the time he has spent so far with his fabulous Christmas family!

and also... that little thing.  

The shop opening!  

Hope you can pop over and take a peek!

French market 'chalk board' labels.

A vintage Hermes red leather envelope clutch.
Have a fabulous week!  ..... see you soon--and if not---see you next year!!!