Monday, January 27, 2014

Itchy Sweater

I may have used this metaphor before.  January is like an itchy sweater.  Seems cozy at first, (the holidays done and behind me--those first weeks of family birthdays have wound down... then the slightly uncomfortable sensation of just wanting the month to be over creeps in)... and I just want that sweater off!  It was lovely at first--new and fresh--(with big aspirations)... even a bit stylish.  And now it is starting to get itchy--a bit worn even--ready to get it off.

Actually ready to be in a t-shirt--instead of the sweater... but that is more for the impatience of a long winter-less winter.  In Normandie--we haven't had snow-and I realize many of you are just sick of it--tired of being buried, frozen, trapped at home in countless snow days, power outages...  We haven't had any of that.  Well wait.  We have had power outages--in fact a bit too many this past weekend alone.  About 20--every weekend evening--for 2-3 minutes---every ten minutes... or so.  Not weather related -- not anything related.  Ask me if that is annoying.

January has been challenging!  How has it been for you?  My laptop 'fell-ill' and is now at the repair shop and I am in serious withdrawal for my data and images while I borrow a computer from mon fils.  Our family stress has been up there--that is another post I think--but Middle Garcon has been pushing us to our parenting limits.  So that all means that the work week is slow--and the weekends are..... so lovely--in an amped-up stressed out sort of way.

Itchy sweater--grumpy.  That's me.  It's grey.  Le gris is not any prettier in France by the way.  (Despite the popular Annie Sloan chalk paint name--French Grey)--truly--it is not nice.  The sky is grey--not always for rain--just grey.  It starts getting dark at 3pm.  Who knew I moved to the French Pacific Northwest?

Come on spring--come on light!  Come back!  No?  Okay--I will just take February then!

And of course--kicking it off with a shop 'pop-up'....  February 1 & 2... and I am really excited.  

Lots of linens for February!  Monogrammed vintage sheets, French milled linen pillow covers--and every variety of red-striped 'torchon' kitchen towels... and I bought the most interesting and fabulous batch of grain sacks!  I have already made one into a runner for my kitchen table--and have lots more to sell--and at really great prices!  

Hope to see you then.  

I promise to be more cheery--and to have on a much more comfortable sweater!