Sunday, January 12, 2014

January--birthdays before resolutions.

Once again this week has caught me off guard. On Monday les garcons went back to school -- and just as I am thinking of launching all of the plans for the new year-- it is the eve of the first of our two January birthdays in our family and the week is gone!  And we find ourselves at the only large toy store near us --- 15 minutes before closing --- power shopping---on the eve of Petite Fille's THIRD birthday .... yes, THIRD.  That alone is unbelievable. 

But these January birthdays just sneak up on you!  I am thinking 'resolutions'  ... I am thinking 'clean slate'... I am thinking ... 'time to get back to work!' ... and yes (UGH!).. I am thinking ...

Time to get rid of those extra 10 kilos that crept onto my waist and rear-- and tummy.  (I have no idea how that happened!) 

Then it's time to celebrate!  ... (instead of working on the above!).  

Because ....

Petite Fille turned three on Friday!  Magical THREE!  She woke up not even knowing it was her birthday .... I had decorated the kitchen the night before.  One hundred percent totally worth the shriek of delight when she saw the balloons hanging from the kitchen light and the table all decked out.  

Three is the best.  No expectations.  No demands.  Just 100% pure JOY.

SHE was a joy.

 A scooter was the big gift of the day ...

This was a new addition -- her first 'dolly'.
She made it pretty clear that this guy is still #1.

 I spent my entire day just watching her and soaking it all in.  What changes a year has brought since the last birthday.. and the one before that feels like a 100 years ago.

I could have lived this day over and over again.  (I think she could have too!) 

And then the big moment ....

She loved the singing, she loved the candles...

She didn't eat one bite of the cake.....

Not a sweet tooth. (Or maybe it was the sugar heart confetti that she picked off the table and cake and ate all afternoon.)

How blessed I am to have this girlie.  I never take it for granted even for a second that at 43 when I dreamed of her, that God said 'yes'....  after being a mom of boys for 12 years...

and speaking of boys ... 

Our oldest garcon--the 'teen'  turns FIFTEEN tomorrow...three days after his sister's big bash. 

.... and guess what?  He is getting a scooter too!!!  

Except that it isn't pink... and requires gas... and a helmet.


So resolutions, plans, the word for this year---and the regimen to lose these 10 extra kilos--just has to wait... again.

Pass the champagne.  There is a lot to celebrate around here!

Hope the new year is off to a fabulous start for you too!


  1. Darling Petite Fille!!! And a lovely post to celebrate the special blessing she is in your family!
    Mary Alice

  2. Just precious♥
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  3. She is just wonder you adore her so much..enjoy every moment, because they do fly by!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Lil Princess ! So Precious and such a Sweet age~Cheers

  5. This post was a like a slice of sunshine on this wet rainy winter's day. Thanks for making me smile and happy birthday to Petite Fille.

  6. Oh what a happy post! So much fun and you've made my night......!

  7. What a beautiful 3rd birthday celebration for your beautiful girlie!

  8. You did such an awesome job! and your pictures are priceless pictures that you will love forever.
    Wow, two January birthdays!
    Happy Birthday to the birthday people small and large.....

  9. How wonderful to wake up to the beautiful table of birthday wishes!…I never thought to do that…so have a table done in the morning only for them to wake up to their special day!…Happy Birthday to Petite Fille! and also to your "young man"…I am sure he will be quite excited to received a "gas operated vehicle"…You are blessed with such a wonderful family…and I know you count those blessings every day!


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