Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The WORD(s) for 2014

I have to be honest.  I have been struggling a bit.  I am not sure why, but I feel really stalled in the launch of this new year.  Could it be that I loved 2013 so much that 2014 has left me sitting on the side of the pool just swinging my legs and not jumping in?

I have heard the excuses in my head ... the January birthdays, not feeling 100% healthy and good, waiting for the school routine to settle back in, feeling in limbo of the seasons .... hearing myself saying "I will start that, I will do that, I will try that"....  but when?!

When I thought of resolutions--all that came to mind were things that I am not happy about--about MYSELF.  Even though I know that in order to really be resolutions--you have to put a positive spin on it--you have to have that burst of motivation---that hardy slap on the back to get moving-- (or that kick in the pants!)  .... and all I could come up with is what I don't like about myself right now.... ( "I have gained weight, I am tired, I need to let go of some things I thought I wanted ... I will never be.....").  

Oh those negative audio reels that repeat in our heads.... not the fodder to create a good set of resolutions.

So then came choosing the WORD for 2014.  Last year it came easy--my word was COURAGE ...  and I sat with my lap-top and sobbed out that post just more than a year ago--let out the worry--and the pain--dusted off my rear and got up and went looking for courage.... and found it.  


That word served me well.  It made 2013 the best year of my life.  
BEST year of my life.

So for 2014?  Hard act to follow.  I have been praying about it--because I think it is important. I feel challenged on having focus for this new year.  I have been thanking God over and over for last year--and asking him to give me some work for this one.  Work--- a job.  Not a job-job--but work for Him.... and I know he will--as long as I keep asking... and I plan to.

So back to the word thing.  It was easier to come up with the anti-words..... Here are the words that are NOT for 2014 ....

 See the big one?  Out with that very, very, very bad word COMPARE.  It sucks the life out of ... life.  Compare is the joy-killer.  I promise you -- if you banish that one-- you are well on your way to having the best life ever -- because it's YOURS and not someone else's. That word is my biggest challenge--sometimes followed closely by the other one--ENVY.  Ick.  Bad.  Walk away.

Okay--on to the GOOD ones ....

And now you can see the one that I have chosen for this year --- 

EMBRACE.  Embrace what?! 

 ....  e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.   

Those days when it all goes wrong--when I am hit with a huge challenge, rejection, discouragement, things don't happen the way they should--or simply that the dog pees on the floor, the three year old runs over my hurt toe with her scooter, or I sound like a crazy idiot attempting to speak French at the market -- or I simply cannot get that mile long to-do list done ....

Embrace.  Bear-hug it.  Accept less than perfect--not so great--not fair--undeserved...

That's my word for 2014.  Goes well with letting it roll, accepting, releasing, forgiving ....... the close runner's up in this 'contest'.

What is your word or phrase for this fabulous year?  Was it hard to chose? 

 I would love to hear about it!

Hope your week is going well.  Be back soon!